To register, please read the Terms and Conditions and then send a message to the email given below. You should receive a response on the same day (within working hours) or latest next day.

NOTE: not all requests to access the cluster will be accepted! Please consider the following questions, and use these as a guide to determine whether or not your reason to use the cluster is justified or appropriate:

  • Does my application need access to high-performance/specialised hardware (e.g. NVIDIA K20, Intel Xeon Phi, etc.)?
  • Does my application need to be run on multiple nodes (e.g. via MPI)?
  • Is the software stack on the cluster appropriate for my application (e.g. SLURM batch management)?
  • How long will the runtime of my application be (does it take an hour, or a day, or multiple weeks)?

External Access: Heriot-Watt University impose very strict policies on their computer networks, specifically that critical hardware infrastructures are not exposed to the outside world. Thus, to access the cluster from outside the University requires that users make use of the University VPNmembers of staff (including PhD students) have access to this service already, everyone else will need to specifically request this. Please indicate this in the form below.

Please send an E-Mail to Heriot Watt IS Help to register.